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Welcome to my 'minimalist' website - no frills, no fancy graphics, and definitely no advertising.

I initially wrote the (currently) two Windows Apps displayed on these pages purely for my own use. Like this site, they are simple, no nonsense items, built to do their jobs to my full satisfaction. When I uploaded them to the Windows App Store (as free Apps), I needed a small website to host their instructions, privacy policies, and contact details. So, here we are...

This site is only relevant to those using, or wishing to use, the following items:

PasswordSafe 8.1
PasswordSafe enables you to store all your web login, ID and bank account details in its encrypted vault. Access to those details is then available to you across all your compatible Windows PCs, Windows phones and tablets.

PolarScope is an astronomer's polar-scope alignment app that runs on Windows Desktops, Tablets and Phones. It works in both the northern and southern hemispheres, and comes with a selection of popular polar-scope reticles.